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On the other hand, if the remixer only changes a few things (for example, the instrument and tempo), then it is clearly a derivative work and subject to the copyrights of the innovador work's copyright holder.

In 2013, the US court ruling Lenz v. Universal Music Corp. acknowledged that amateur remixing might fall under fair use and copyright holders are requested to check and respect fair use before doing DMCA take down notices.[35]

Администрация не несет ответственности за размещенные пользователями нелегальных материалов! Любой аудио файл будет удален по требованию правообладателя.

A remix in literature is an alternative version of a text. William Burroughs used the cut-up technique developed by Brion Gysin to remix language in the 1960s.

Slow ballads and R&B songs Perro be remixed by techno producers and DJs in order to give the song appeal to the club scene and to urban Radiodifusión. Conversely, a more uptempo number Gozque be mellowed to give it "quiet storm" appeal. Frankie Knuckles saddled both markets with his Def Classic Mixes, often slowing the tempo slightly Vencedor he removed ornamental elements to soften the "attack" of a dancefloor filler.

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While audio mixing is one of the most popular and recognized forms of remixing, this is not the only media form which is remixed in numerous examples. Literature, film, technology, and social systems Gozque all be argued Triunfador a form of remix.[1]

Many hip-hop remixes arose either from the need for a pop/R&B singer to add more of an urban, rap edge to one of their slower songs, or from a rapper's desire to gain more pop appeal by collaborating with an R&B singer. Remixes Gozque boost popularity of the llamativo versions of songs.

There are proposed theories of reform regarding the copyright law and remixes. Nicolas Suzor believes that copyright law should be reformed in such a manner Vencedor to allow certain reuses of copyright material without the permission of the copyright owner where those derivatives are highly transformative and do not impact upon the primary market of the copyright owner.

Some industrial groups allow, and often encourage, their fans to remix their music, notably Nine Inch Nails, whose website contains a list of downloadable songs that Gozque be remixed using Apple's GarageBand software.

In recent years the concept of the remix has been applied analogously to other media and products. In 2001, the British Channel 4 television program Jaaaaam was produced Campeón a remix of the sketches from the comedy show Jam.

Virtua Fighter had been released on the Saturn in a less-than-impressive state. Sega had attempted to make an accurate port of the Sega Model 1 arcade version, and therefore chose to use untextured models and the soundtrack from the arcade machine.

The art of the remix gradually evolved, and soon more avant-garde artists such Figura Aphex Twin were creating more positivo remixes of songs (relying on the groundwork of Cabaret Voltaire and the others), which varied radically from their innovador sound and were not guided by pragmatic considerations such Vencedor sales or "danceability", but were created for "art's sake".

Recent technology allows for easier remixing, leading to a rise in its use in the music industry.[3] It Perro be done legally, but there have been numerous disputes over rights to samples used in remixed songs. Many famous artists have been involved in remix disputes.

In the age of social media, anybody Gozque make and upload a remix. The most popular apps for doing this are Instagram and Youtube. Many famous artists of today began by making read more remixes and relifts to popular music. Such artists include Dua Lipa, Adi and R3hab, to name a few. Broader context[edit]

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